Would You Like to Be Set Up With a Healthy Food Storage System That Will Provide a Perfect Hedge Against Escalating Costs?\"



“ People are investing heavily in precious metals...Why not invest in your food, long term health, safety, and peace of mind??? ”

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...Having Your Own Personal Grocery Store at Your Finger Tips Will Provide A Sense of Security Just Knowing You Can Be Entirely Self-Sufficient.
With these two books you will learn:

How to select delicious foods — packed with nutrition — optimized for shelf life — and easy to store. If you just go out and purchase some ready made food storage package, you may end up eventually throwing it away if you don't understand what is in your food!

How to begin right now to customize a food storage program based on your own family’s needs – storage for 3 days, 2 weeks, 6 months, a year — as many days as you can handle — at your own pace.

Store properly so that you can smoothly incorporate your food storage items into your daily lives right now as well as for later, should an emergency occur.

Buy smart and quit wasting your money! Learn to avoid purchasing the wrong items.

Search and destroy the toxic foods in your diet so you can improve your health and survive a catastrophe or national emergency.

My system encourages you to start eating smarter TODAY so you can store healthy food intelligently.

Healthy Food Storage

The Native Americans as well as pioneers, who journeyed across the country all grew, harvested, prepared, and stored food year round.  It was a matter of survival and nobody thought they were foolish.  Our generation has become overly reliant on the modern day distribution system!

The real idea of food storage goes beyond the concept of preparing for disaster.  Yes, emergency food storage is important, and we can all play out worst case scenarios on our own – but it’s not my intention to use scare tactics in presenting this book.  Besides emergency food storage, it is equally important to focus on the value you will gain from a bolstered up food supply, based on healthy eating and spending habits.



What is the difference between these books and many others?


Everyone would like to claim their food storage program is “healthy.”  Yes, the simpler items like beans and grains can be healthy – but what about the rest of it?  It’s what you don’t know about foods that can hurt you.  Have you read about the recent reports of beyond safe levels of arsenic coming from rice in the south eastern US?  Or the rocket fuel contaminants in California’s irrigation water?    My intention is to help people realize truths about food, the food supply, and the value of a well-stocked pantry.  My goal is to help you obtain one that will fulfill your needs, make things simple, as well as keep you healthy - by packing in the nutrition!  We need to be eating organic and chemical free foods NOW!!!  We have reached the time for a new era of eating, and this is where your story begins.


Time Savings & Peace of Mind:


1.)  You will have a large stock of food, so it is always there when you need it.  No need to keep running to the supermarket, thus saving your time, money, and fuel by making less trips.
2.)  No need to be a slave to price fluctuations – storing up gives you the ability to purchase food on sale rather than because you ran out.
3.)  Imagine having your family on a nutritious diet on a regular basis.  No need to constantly wonder what you can prepare for a meal!
4.)   Your stock will allow freedom to transition to other healthier habits, (availability no longer becomes an excuse!)  When you have good eats on hand you won’t grab the bad stuff when you are in a hurry!
6.)  Buy more of the foods your body can appreciate with money saved by not buying junk foods.
7.)  By eating and rotating your organic food storage supply, it is in fact training you to eat in your new healthier lifestyle!)  Would you like to know with certainty that you can sustain yourself with your food stock if you run short of money or end up in an emergency situation?





Don’t Know Where to Begin? 


It’s distressing, but these days, because of our busy lifestyles, many families have resorted to eating low-quality, highly processed foods that resemble more of a chemistry experiment than a meal.  They aren’t giving any thought to what they are eating; they are just shoveling in the food.

The effects of this kind of unconscious eating are showing up in our bodies as serious diseases, such as diabetes, ADD, depression, heart attacks, strokes, obesity, cancer, and many more.

During stressful times, we especially need the most nourishing foods we can get, because stress will attack our immune systems and can put us out of commission very quickly.

Knowing that, why would we consume foods that contain toxic, poisonous chemicals like melathion and bromine in our wheat, and those addictive brain killers like MSG in our food when our bodies are under siege already?  That is why organic food is so crucial.

What are the chances of staying healthy eating chemical-laden “foods” like textured vegetable protein (TVP), so called “nutrition bars” with soy isolates, MRE’s, and canned mystery meat packed in gelatinous goo?  ARE YOU BEING DECEIVED ABOUT WHAT IS IN YOUR FOOD?


Getting a Grip on an Effective Food Storage Plan…

That is why I have written Healthy Eating in Tough Times, so that people will “get it” and begin consuming unmolested, simple, and wholesome foods, all while on a budget. These guidelines help people become more conscious about the foods they are consuming so they begin enjoying more nourishing meals. And making healthier meal choices does not need to take up a ton of your time, you can actually be saving time!

The companion book, Healthy Food Storage Guidebook, addresses the above issues and will also finally give you the knowledge it takes to help you build a healthy food storage program that is tasty, as well as wholesome and varied.  Seriously, becoming a food-self-reliance MASTER can be fun!

These are not cookbooks. (There are already zillions of those out there and I didn’t want to use recipes for filler as so many food storage books do.) Nor are these books on canning, there are plenty out there as well.  These are resource books / planning instructions that provide detailed information on how and where you can obtain the best foods for your health and food storage program.

I have read all the popular publications and combed the internet to fill in missing up-to-date facts in order to create these manuals. THERE ARE NO OTHER BOOKS AVAILABLE THAT WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE. (Believe me, I know because I have looked…and read, and looked,…and read!) I promise you that you will receive the best product out there. Nothing comes close to it.





In Healthy Eating for Tough Times, an 81 page book PACKED with important information, you will:

    • Become aware of vital foods that will be beneficial to your health now, as well as in a food storage program.
    • Get information on chemicals in our food supply that are making us and our children sick!
    • Learn about genetically-altered foods, their dire consequences, and why you are seriously going to be reading labels like a feverish fiend!
    • Discover the most essential natural supplements for your storage program that can protect you and your family now and in times of stress…and more!


In the Healthy Food Storage Guidebook, a 176 page book LOADED with valuable information, you will:

    • Determine where to begin a healthy food storage program, beginning with the “Top 20 Food Storage Tips and Mistakes”.
    • Learn nutritional values of certain foods – and why they should be in your storage program.  Includes a calorie and protein reference guide.
    • Receive handy nutritional reference charts for your grains and legumes.
    • Become aware of the foods that are acid-forming and alkaline for a more balanced diet.
    • Learn the shelf life of foods, and how to substitute different foods in order to optimize your food storage for longevity and good health.
    • Find out the best methods for packing your food for the longest shelf life.
    • Receive gluten-free tricks and helpful tips for diabetics.
    • Learn how to implement AFFORDABLE organic and chemical-free foods into your diet and food storage program.
    • Get information on grain grinders, water purifiers, emergency heating and cooking appliances…….And much more!


With these two manuals, your program begins immediately, teaching you how to make improvements in your diet and your storage foundation that will benefit you for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! You will also receive several pages of resources to help you find the absolute best products online to help you on your way!

Even if you can’t afford a full on food storage program right this minute, you will learn how to start rapidly getting your body into a healthier state now, AND will have the map lined out for where it is you are going.

If you decide to not take advantage of this information now, you may be headed for a long research journey for just the right material. You will waste a lot of valuable time and money putting things together from bits and pieces here and there, and purchasing books that give you a few ideas – but definitely not the whole picture.  Simply put, you may never get there.

Once you have read the information contained in my two eBooks, you will be guided to a healthier way of eating.  You will also gain the insight needed to go forward with a nutritious emergency food storage program that beats all others, and I guarantee it!


For only $49.97, $21.99 you can have the printed copies of the 2-book set shipped to you AND the below bonuses digitally delivered to you, or for $29.97  $9.97  you  can download your “eBook copies + bonuses” now, with INSTANT access.  Either way you get to try them risk-free for 30 days!


You can’t lose with our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click the blue “Purchase Now” button to choose your version – to order right now!” With the time you now have to prepare, you’ll be way ahead of the curve!

I have spent thousands of hours collecting information to compile these guide books. I personally guarantee that this is an incredible offer!  And with my guarantee you have nothing to lose, and knowledge to be gained!!!

Reader Testimonials

I've always understood the importance of food storage. However, my food storage has consisted of #10 cans of hot cocoa, sugar, white rice, white flour, pudding mix, processed cheese, quick oats, and a couple cans of wheat. As a recent convert to healthy eating, I quickly realized that my food storage was a joke. How could I feed my kids hot cocoa and pudding during an emergency when their current diet consisted of whole grains and fruits and vegetables? It would surely make them sick. But how do you store healthy, live, whole food? I had no idea.
Karen Lee's "Healthy Food Storage Guide Book" was my answer. From her research, personal experience, and easy-to-understand instruction, I learned how to prepare and store healthy food for my family. Now I know that we will not only have access to food in an emergency-- we will be helped and nourished by that food. And that's peace of mind money can't buy."

Amanda O. -Meridian, ID

As a mother, wife, conscious consumer and holistic advocate, I have found the information provided in 'Eating Healthy for Tough Times' and the 'Healthy Food Storage Handbook' very informative and well thought out. The information in these valuable resources far exceeded my expectations and it is very clear that the information provided is well researched and thought out. Personally, I feel that I received valuable tools that I can implement in my everyday life and it was put in an easy to read and understand format.
I am very interested in eating healthy and having a food storage program that promotes this. Most of food storage information I have come across doesn't take into consideration the types of foods that are being stored.
Not only did I learn a great deal about storage of healthy food, I learned a lot about food in general that I never knew. Food has a direct correlation to our overall health and these e-books provide valuable information about the true effects of an unhealthy diet and what a lot of foods are really doing to our body. I highly recommend this information to ANYONE not only interested in food storage, but also those concerned about their overall heath.

Michelle J. -IdahoHolisticConnection.com

Inspiring and very informative set of books. Not only are these kind of changes doable, in the near future many of them might actually become necessity. These books have helped me define more clearly how I want to eat, and how I best need to best prepare for it. Thanks for putting this all together!

Patrick L. Orem, UT

Healthy Food Storage Guidebook is about more than just being prepared for an emergency. This book is as much a nutrition book, as it is an in-depth guide to starting and maintaining a food storage program. It teaches you many food preservation skills, which is a lost art. It emphasizes our need to go back to the basics for the health of our families and the planet. It is also full of valuable resources and provides specific nutritional information for each component of your program. It made me realize that in a time of great need, having healthy food available is important to provide both sustenance and nourishment to my family.

Angela L. Host of On Health & Healing Radio, HestiaHealth.com

You can download your "eBook copies" with instant access or have a spiral bound set shipped to you. You get to try them risk-free for 30-days!


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*Bonus Reports Included

Back Yard Chicken Coops


**You will also receive a bonus beginners guide to raising backyard chickens. How to choose, feed, care for, and house your favorite little egg layers! $12.95 value, included bonus, FREE with your ebook combo!

Coconut Oil for Diet, Health, and Body Care


**You will also recieve a bonus report on the uses and benefits of coconut oil. This very versitile oil can be used for immune system enhancement, making tooth paste, deodorant, fighting disease, treating skin conditions, and so much more!

Emergency Items for Your Storage & 72 Hour Kit


**This 16-page manual will get you lined out on all the equipment to build your own "grab n go" pack. After long study of the different survival kits and check lists out there, we created THE comprehensive, end all be all guide so that your family can be prepared!

Healthy Food Storage eBook Combo & Bonuses

For only $49.97>$21.99 Printed Copy or 29.97 SPECIAL $9.97 Download Edition

Healthy Eating for Tough Times + Healthy Food Storage Guidebook + 3 Bonuses!


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P.S. You may be one of those ”wait and see” kind of folks who will get started preparing if problems start to occur, "reactive thinking" I call it. This is one subject you really don’t want to just “react” on. Disasters coming or not - the worlds food supply is in serious trouble. If prices just simply rise we are going to be lucky, I believe serious shortages and outages are going to occur. Wouldn't you rather take action by implementing your own personal food system now to ensure safety, savings, and peace of mind? Do yourself the favor, get your copies and print them off now to start reading- before the “wait and see” part starts to chime in again.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

You can’t lose with our 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after reading these guidebooks you do not feel that I delivered on my promises, or that you are unhappy in anyway with what I have compiled, you can contact me for a full refund! No hassles, you can be assured that I stand by my books and my written guarantee promise.

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